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End mills are used to cut and contour molds for plastic parts, which include electric home appliances, die-casting dies for automotive parts and stamping molds.

To meet today’s demanding requirements (smaller size, lower weight and reduced cost), OSG has developed many carbide end mills that are excellent in both processing accuracy and durability.

Endmills - April 30, 2019

AM-EBT/CRE Additive Manufacturing

Carbide endmills for additive manufacturing  & milling built-up of welded parts.

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Endmills - February 4, 2019

CM Series

For high efficiency roughing in heat-resistant alloys. Available in peripheral or end cutting edge. 

Endmills - November 22, 2018

AE-VMS Series Volume 7.1

Anti-Vibration milling incl. new AE-VML long flute carbide end mill.

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Endmills - September 19, 2017


Endmills - October 25, 2016


Carbide End Mill Series